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The Wind Rose Of Life

July 2, 2016

This series was a visual journey that took 7 work phases until it was finished. It started with the idea of a many coloured collage of autumnleaves. In the end I fell in love with the pale beige and rich red. The colours reminded me of lips and so this connotation brought me the missing piece of the puzzle. 
     In the process there grew a kind of elusive thought about autumn as a certain stage of life. When the summer comes to an end and it´s getting all a little more quiet. When these inner fights around identity subside and you finally climb your seat of strenth, even if you still don´t know exactly who or what you are.

An old wisdom says that we come into the world at the border of enlightenment. As a child we live in the realm of innocence and move slowly to our seat of strenth at the center of our lifetime. From there we go into the area of hard-earned experiences and enter the border of enlightenment again when we leave this world. The wind rose of life.

There is a secret in this knowledge that helped me already in many ways. It helped me to put things right in the past and to get an idea of the potential for my personal development within the current life span.



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