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Exploring the realms of soul

 Making pictures is like entering a world without words. It does't need

them to exist. Like this you can expand your perception and your

understanding about things. You can reveal layers of being words

more often than not could only limit or even destroy.

When I capture a photo or video I follow my intuition like a huntress.

That's why it can happen that with the years and life going on, pictures

suddenly display a new meaning to me, something I didn't realize before. Sometimes

I decide for a title then.

What I perceive with my eyes when I look upon my surroundings is not always equivalent to the material reality my camera is able to capture. Since childhood I was more interested in the meaning between the lines, in the things between sky and earth our eyes cannot see, although you always can find a visual mirror in the material world.

And so my path directed me to the digital art. I try to give back to the material reality of my photos the dimension of my perception. Sometimes it's an emotional state that can be described with analogies, sometimes it's an exceptionally magical atmosphere in nature, etc... 

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